Tasty Food, Good Infrastructure & More! Celestine Omin Shares his DevFestSS Experience in Uyo

DevFestSS 2018
Celestine taking “the obligatory selfie with the crowd.”

Like we earlier published some content before the just concluded 2018 DevFestSS event in Uyo, we stated that one of those things to look out for and enjoy in the city were the good roads, tasty food and security.

Celestine Omin, the engineering manager at Paystack and one of the keynote speakers at the event shared his experience and #DevFestStories. From food (courtesy of his parents in-law), to the city’s infrastructure, Omin had said the following via his Twitter handle.

“It’s not even 8AM and my mother in-law just pulled out her green apron. Legend has it that that particular apron comes out during special occasions. I can already smell the greatness that will come with this day. Ma, Lee and I are ready. Bring forth all the goodness.”



“I went to see my parents in-law after that DevFest Uyo event. Mother in-law pulled the mother of all pounded yam and white soup. I am currently in my shots with no shirt. I don’t think I can go out again after this meal. Akwa Ibom in-laws are the best.”


Omin said that Akwa Ibom can make a ‘great engineering hub’ because of the Ibom e-Library facility, as a support for Lagos- based businesses.”

Ibom e-library

“The Ibom e-Libarary, with stable power and solid broadband will make for a great engineering hub. The facility is excellent. Let engineering happen in Uyo while business and sales happens in Lagos.”



“I am sitting in a hall with easily 1000 young people attending the DevFest event in Uyo. This is impressive on so many different levels. At some point, I see these places becoming engineering hubs for Lagos based businesses.”


He also gave some accolades to Hanson Johnson, chief host and organizer of the DevFestSS tech event:


“Some heroes truly don’t wear capes, Hanson Johnson is one of those persons. Man has done great for technology and developer engagement in this city.”



‏About the roads in the city, he said;

“Uyo still has some of the finest roads in the country. Impressive.”

Akwa Ibom State Ariel View

Indeed, his experience during the tech event was definitely exceptional.

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Written by Prince Simeon

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