Students Intimidate El-Rufai with Vote of No Confidence


Students in tertiary institutions under the aegis of Southern Kaduna Youth and Students Forum (SKYSFOM) have called on Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufai to reopen their schools or face vote of no confidence from them.


In the wake of crisis in southern Kaduna in December 2016, the Kafanchan campus of Kaduna State University, College of Education, GidanWaya, as well as School of Nursing, Kafanchan were closed by the state government for security reasons.


Addressing a press conference, on Tuesday, National President, SKYSFOM, Galadima Jesse said, “We wish to start by expressing our dissatisfaction and disappointment with the administration of Governor Nasir El- Rufai.


“It is a Government that has no regard for the freedom of expression as enshrined in our constitution.


“However, our three weeks ultimatum which commenced on 12thJune, 2017 for the governor to reopen the schools still stands, and we intend to pass vote of no confidence on the governor if he refuses to reopen our schools after the ultimatum.


“He has also no regard for the educational advancement of the people of Southern Kaduna and the institutions located within the zone.


“It all started on 12th June 2017, when we were supposed to address the world and plead with the Governor on the reopening of our tertiary schools through the media, but to our greatest dismay, you were witnesses to the harassment we faced by heavily armed policemen set to truncate our civil way of advocacy through the barricading of the NUJ secretariat by fully armed policemen.


“The main issue we want Nigerians to know is the despicable and inhumane treatment meted to students through the closure of the College of Education, GidanWaya, the Kafanchan Campus of the Kaduna State University and the School of Nursing, Kafanchan.


“These schools were closed down since December 2016 and up to now, they remained closed. Infact, the Kafanchan Campus of the Kaduna State University was closed down on the 19th of December, 2016 and has remained closed since.


“College of Education GidanWaya was also officially closed on the 20th of December 2016 but educational activities were already paralysed since late October due to the attacks on communities close to the school that wasn’t quickly tackled.


“The reasons given by the State Government is ‘insecurity’.  We find that laughable, ridiculous and an indictment on the government.


“Assuming that the excuse of insecurity is valid, then how come all other schools – private and public, state institutions, state agencies, markets and so many other institutions and facilities have been open all these while?


“Doesn’t the continued closure of the three tertiary institutions indict the Government that it has been unable to secure it citizens?


“Isn’t it also an indictment and an indirect way of saying that the security personnel drafted to Southern Kaduna, including a permanent military formation, is directly telling us that it is not able to secure the three schools?


“Can the state Governor explain to us why the University of Maiduguri that has been persistently attacked and bombed remains open today, while the tertiary institutions in Southern Kaduna, that have never been attacked or bombed should be closed for close to a year?


“Is the State Governor still trying to give a wrong impression to the outside world that Southern Kaduna is still in crisis when peace has returned to the zone?

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