‘Save The Children Campaign’ Ends the 20th Edition of its Annual Leadership Holiday Camp

Save The Children Campaign
Executive Director of Save The Children Campaign, Dr. Ekom Akpan.

Save The Children Campaign (STCC), has ended its 20th edition of Annual Leadership Holiday Camp.

The event themed ‘Choice and Responsibility’ was held at the Lourdes Academy, Ekorinim, Calabar, Cross River State from Sunday 26th August through Saturday 1st September, 2018.

It kicked off on a unique note when the Cross River State participants led by the Chapter Coordinator, Mrs. Victoria Life in company of the Camp King, Mr. Richard Clinton and the Camp Queen Miss Edidiong Micheal received STCC workers with a song presentation and a flower bouquet to the Executive Director of Save The Children Campaign, Dr. Ekom Akpan . They also received other camp participants from other States as they arrived.

The camp participants totaling 338, were made up of children and youths from Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Rivers, Abia, Bayelsa, Ebonyi and Imo States.

For 20 years, STCC has been hosting this free camp for children and youths aimed at giving them positive exposure in a challenging environment with life changing programmes, coupled with an atmosphere of love and mutual understanding. It draws from a wide range of professionals and career people, erudite, successful and God-fearing Speakers or Resource Persons to motivate them, through inspirational talks and personal interactions.

The programme content is highly informative with a wide variety of topics to inform, challenge and motivate them. This includes workshop based on Science, Arts and Technology. Sporting activities (indoor/ outdoor games) with special treats; such as picnic, excursions and direct participation in our life-style Concert Night where Camp Participants are expected to also, use their talents to liven up things.

The Camp allows children and youths of diverse background to meet, a melting point of cultural integration, a crucible of fostering Unity, it is also a ground for turning youthful energy into useful building tools through direct participation in life.

Save The Children Campaign (STCC) is a Christian Voluntary Organization working in the lives of children and youths to save them through prayers and relevant social services. More so, it Advocates for every child to be given a qualitative education and equal opportunity to express their God-given talent.

Every year, a school is selected from different part of the country to host our annual Holiday Youth Camp, Cross River State was selected as the host for this year’s outing. Previous camps were held in Lagos, Abuja, Imo, Osun, Abia, Rivers State and Akwa Ibom.

Save The Children Campaign

The high point of this year’s camp was the emergence of Mr. Ita Nsikan-Abasi, former Mr. Akwa Ibom Teen and a final year Theatre Art student at the University of Uyo as STCC AMBASSADOR.

Save The Children Campaign is funded by voluntary contributions of Members, Contributors and donors.

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