Russia 2018: Host Country Demolishes Saudi Arabia in World Cup Opener


Russia thoroughly thrashed Saudi Arabia, 5-0, in the opening game of its home World Cup.

Yuri Gazinsky scored Russia’s first goal 12 minutes into the game via a header, and afterward Saudi Arabia could offer little resistance.

Russia’s second, third and fourth goals were all by substitutes: one by Artem Dzyuba and two by Denis Cheryshev and in injury time, Aleksandr Golovin got a fifth goal on a free kick, past an exhausted  Saudi defense.

Saudi Arabia, a team whose players are virtually all based in their obscure home league, offered an air of mystery. But that was before the game. It became clear very quickly that they were no match for a Russian team that itself has not been a worldbeater in recent years.

Gazinsky’s header foiled the Saudi strategy to work the counterattack, and the team seldom got the ball even deep into Russia’s territory after that. Russia itself took over the counterattacking and found the goal at its mercy time and time again.


More worrisome to Russia was an apparent hamstring injury to midfielder Alan Dzagoev, but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it paved the way for  Cheryshev, who eventually scored a brace.

Even at halftime, the Saudis looked broken, and it did not get better. Dzyuba scored on another header,  just after entering the game, then Cheryshev added his second in the 90th minute.

If that late goal seemed unfair to the Saudis, it got worse a moment later when Goliovin added No. 5 on a free kick in stoppage time. It was the perfect start for the host nation

As it stands, if Saudi Arabia manage  even a 2-0 loss, in its remaining games, it will seem like an impressive accomplishment.


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