NERC approves 22 Private Companies to supply Prepaid Meters in Nigeria

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has approved 22 companies to become prepaid meter providers in Nigeria. This number was chosen from a pool of interested applicants for the Meter Asset Provider (MAP).

The head of Public Affairs NERC, Usman Arabi said the approved firms have been issued certificates of ‘No Objection’ to participate in the meter procurement process.

“MAP Regulation is intended to facilitate closure of the wide metering gap in the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) within three years. The ‘No Objection’ is to qualify to intend investors to participate in the meter procurement process in NESI,” he said.

The process is expected to help the 11 electricity distribution companies in Nigeria Bridge metering gaps in their networks and also reduce or end estimated electricity bills.

According to NERC, implementation of the MAP regulation started from April 3, 2018, when it signed off on it.

The MAP regulation mandates Electricity Distribution Companies to engage meter assets providers who fund purchase, installation and replacement of meters to meet metering obligations to their customers.

The electricity commission says it has also conducted due diligence on the supporting documents to the applications submitted by interested investors, and granted successful applicants ‘No Objection’ to participate in the procurement process for meter assets provision. These provisions were given in accordance with section 8 subsection 4 of the Meter Assets Providers Regulations, 2018.

The approved Companies that will be participating in the MAP are; Huawei Technology Company Nigeria Limited; Bilview Energy Limited; Chintech Electro Nigeria Limited; Holley Metering Limited; Meron Nigeria Limited; Integrated Power Limited; MBH Power Limited; Trimani Engineering Limited; Sapropel Energy Resources Limited; Megawatt Distribution International Limited; Unistar Hi-Tech Systems Limited; and MOMAS Electricity Meters Manufacturing Company Limited; Imperial Infrastructure Development Company Limited; Ratio Consulting Limited; Protogy Global Services Limited; Paktim Metering Nigeria Limited; Sabrud Consortium Nigeria Limited; Tinuten Nigeria Limited; Kayz Consortium Limited; BTS Power Limited; CIG Metering Assets Nigeria Limited and Cresthill Energy Limited.

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