#MyStylefile: “I Will Never be Caught Wearing 6’inch Pencil Heel” – Seyene Gregory

Seyene Gregory - Hypestationng

Seyene Gregory unarguably bakes the best chocolate cake in the city of Uyo. When it comes to style, she has a different perspective to it unlike the rest of the female folk, as she loves her t-shirts, jeans, jeggings and sneakers dearly.

Here, the fair-skinned damsel opens up on her fashion side. Find out 10 things you didn’t know about her style with #MyStyleFile.


Hypestaion Nigeria: What you’d never be caught wearing.

Seyene Gregory: With the way I love comfort, I doubt I can wear a six inch pencil heel. For me it’s just too Much trouble. So, I will never be caught wearing 6inch pencil heel.


Hypestaion Nigeria: Who is your style icon.

Seyene Gregory: A couple of ladies have inspired me fashion wise over the years, I recently fell in love with OSHA Waiters, her ability to wear outfits that compliments her figure. I have always loved Dija, She makes looking good seem effortless and Style by Ada just blows my mind cause her fashion sense is out of the norm.


Hypestaion Nigeria: What is your typical outfit?

Seyene Gregory:  My typical outfit, hmmm. Well, if it was just me you know I’d love to wear tees and sneakers everywhere. I loooooove to be comfortable at all times. So, it depends on where I am going, different places call for different outfits. (laughs)

Seyene Gregory 1 - Hypestationng


Hypestaion Nigeria: Outfit on your wish list. –

Seyene Gregory: Outfit on my wish list, I would really love a customised Nike sneakers and an Alexander McQueen ankle boot. *winks*


Hypestaion Nigeria: Worst style moment

Seyene Gregory: None yet (tongues out…laughs)


Hypestaion Nigeria: Describe your style *minimalist *risk taker *classic.

Seyene Gregory: I’m a Minimalist sometimes and a risk taker other times.


Hypestaion Nigeria: Fashion accessory you can’t do without.

Seyene Gregory: Fashion accessory I can’t do without? I can’t do without my bead accessories on my wrist, wristwatch and stud earrings.


Hypestaion Nigeria: Dream fashion shopping destination –

Seyene Gregory: Dream shopping destination is New York


Hypestaion Nigeria: What’s your definition of style?

Seyene Gregory: Style for me is comfort, trendy and chic.


Hypestaion Nigeria: Best colour.

Seyene Gregory: My best colour is black and it’s an all-time favourite. It compliments my skin tone and is easy to blend in with other colours.

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