Ime Uwah: Sustaining the Beauty of Entrepreneurship

Mr. Ime Uwah

by Abasifreke Effiong

In considering great exploits of Mr. Ime Uwah, it is obvious by today that he sets out into life and the world of business and entrepreneurship with consummate passion and a resilient statement of purpose to reform psychologies, change perceptions, break stereotype and create a brand and business model.

Mr. Ime Uwah ventured into business when he shook the world with the launch of XL as a premier fast food service delivery channel in Uyo. To drive the engagement to the peak of the world, Mr. Uwah formed partnership with Black Genie Nigeria to develop an online mercantile webpage for cutting-edge advertisement. He soon became an indispensable ally to business magnets like NETCOM, VSAT and Touch Seals00 Limited, with headquarters in Lagos. With sustained and contagious enterprising sagacity, Uwah founded Eni Stores in 2012, an Agro-allied and retail company based in Uyo. But because both the owner and Business idea were destined to grow and overtake contemporaries in the interest of public good, Eni Group Limited was birthed in 2014 as a conglomerate of Edge Limited and Eni Allied Agro Farm Limited.

A cross section of the Eni Farm

It is worth stating the facts that his having successfully built a Business Empire and made a distinguished name in individual initiatives and entrepreneurship has robbed him of the opportunity to offer himself for public service. He formally served Akwa Ibom people through the office of Special Assistant to the Governor on Marketing and Brand Management, a platform he creativity deployed to strike an unprecedented synergy that mobilized over 15,000 Dakkada Ambassadors. The establishment of the Dakkada Business Forum that has given birth to 31 vibrant and competitive Multi-Purpose Cooperative societies and now runs upwards of 329 chapters also bears his fingerprint. As a reliable team-player, Mr. Ime Uwah currently serves as Senior Special Assistant to Governor on Micro Finance and Enterprise Development.

Eni Stores

It is said that “Successful people don’t become that overnight. What most people see at a glance- happiness, wealth a great carrier purpose is the result of handwork and hustle over time” Born on February 15, 1978, Mr. Ime Uwah hails from Atan Offot in Uyo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. He holds a B. Sc in Chemistry from the University of Calabar. Besides, he has availed himself of every opportunity to strategically sharpen and augment his business acumen through course and augment his business acumen through courses and seminars on entrepreneurship and leadership at home and abroad. He thus holds a Certificate in Executive Business Education from Business School.

“Time was when successful mega businesses were traced and attributed only to those from the East and West. Mr. Uwah has commendably changed the storyline. According to him in a recent interview, he ventrured into mega-level businesses because “I saw it as an opportunity to give young people a sustainable source of revenue”. Today, this entrepreneur extraordinaire has on his payroll hundreds of Akwa Ibomites who also form a chain of aspiring entrepreneurs and potential employers.

The excellent credentials and superlative performance of his great Akwa Ibom son, Business tycoon, innovationist, advocate and positivists deservedly earn him the ENTREPRENEURIAL ROLE MODEL AWARD by the Nigeria Union of Journalists.

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Written by Prince Simeon

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