“I almost lost him”… Oge Nwabueze talks her First Pregnancy on #MyFirstBirthExperience

Oge Nwabueze

Different women, different birth pangs! YouTuber, Actor, French tutor, Social Commentator and an online influencer and mother of two, Oge Nwabueze talks going through C-section and making quick last minute decisions to save lives as she shares her time going through labour in Hypestation’s #MyFirstBirthExperience.

Read her story below:


Pregnancy experience differs from women to women. Even two pregnancies by the same woman is never the same. I would know because I have gone that road twice and I must say, it gets easier with time. In my case though.

My first experience was in 2013, when I took in with my beautiful boy. First trimester is always the toughest. From food cravings, to food aversions, to reflex gagging. I hated the smell of deodorants/perfumes. It’s was a crazy ride but I was strong until labour.

I had seen a few signs that I was in labour and my contractions were 13 minutes apart. I called my husband who was already at work by then to come back as he wanted to be there when the baby arrived. He got back home and we drove to the hospital. The doctors said I was 4cm dilated and that by 5pm, my baby should be here. It was 11am. He advised that I walk around the hospital to get the baby ready to fly out.

I was ecstatic about it so I started my walk. After a while the doctor asked how I felt and I said same. The contractions weren’t intense. To cut the long story short, I was induced the next day and still no progress. The doctor checked and realized the baby’s heartbeat was dropping.  The baby turned last minute and had cords wrapped round his neck and the last ultrasound didn’t detect it.

The Doctor said they should get me ready to be operated on, but first my husband had to sign. He was scared but I didn’t mind going in for a C-Section. I just wanted the pain to stop!

C-section isn’t as scary as I had imagined. In fact, it’s easier when you’re in good hands. I was then wheeled into the theatre in less than 10 minutes, my baby was out. He is the most beautiful boy I have ever laid my eyes on.

Pregnancy is no walk in the park. It’s an experience that varies from women to women. For some it’s easier for some it’s tougher. Which is why I always advise women to register early for antenatal. In the end, it’s worth all the stress.


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Written by Prince Simeon

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