Head First: 5 Reasons to Start Wearing Hats

Pharrell Williams has been known for his love for hats which has become a trend in fashion in recent years.

For many of us, knowing our shoe size is no problem at all but we find it almost impossible to remember our head size. Here’s why. We think of hats as old fashion or something for church and for most ladies, hats are only for covering bad hair days and the last time you wore a hat was when you went swimming.


Therefore, it is correct to say that the era of voluminous hair, coloured wigs and elaborate hair accessories pushed the hats off our heads. But, it’s time to give room for them. Here are 5 reasons to put a hat on your next outfit.


  1. According to hat maker Stephen Jones. He says you cannot feel sad when wearing a hat, and its true: you can be moody but never sad. You arch your back, raise your chin and you are always aware.


  1. There’s a hat for every style:

So, it doesn’t matter if your style is classic, punk, girly girl , street style, dress up or dress down , there’s always a perfect hat to give your look an extra edge.


  1. Wear a hat, look taller:

Yes, hats increase your height. You certainly would look taller with a hat on. Now, that’s an excuse not to wear those heels.


  1. There’s a hat for every occasion:

Movie night, dinner, club night, drinks with friends, thanksgiving, weddings. There’s always a comfortable hat to get you in the mood and keep you fashion forward.


  1. Worry less about makeup and accessories:

For many who cannot keep up with everyday makeup. A hat is enough to cover up and give you a fresh look and, a little neck piece or choker is all you need to nail the look.


You see, hats are not just for the runways. Just as much as you need that new bag or pair of shoes, you also need to add a fabulous hat to your wish list this season. Well, that’s just for starters because no one said you could choose just one.

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