Five Tips for Wearing Off-Shoulder-Tops


If you want to underline the beauty of your shoulders, then you definitely should try on an off-the-shoulder dress. This beautiful garment makes its wearer feel very special, all because it can make a pretty good statement. These tops can be worn with jeans, skirts, and shorts! They are very versatile and can elevate your look to the next level! If you do want to rock one, then you should take a look at the following inspiring outfit ideas that are both simple and universal. Jumia, Nigeria’s No.1 shopping destination discuss a few tips on how you can rock the off the shoulder to work.


Know Your Body Type

You just need to know your body type and find the dresses/tops that work best for you. For example: For someone that is tall and curvy, look for off the shoulder dresses and tops that have a fitted component. For someone that might have a more petite top, it is recommended that they find a top or dress that has more volume in the ruffle to create a more voluptuous appearance.


Don’t Go Overboard

Stick with solid tops mixed with multi-patterned tops with sleek plain pants. Since this look can be quite bold you don’t want to overdo it by either showing too much skin or pairing it with too many accessories.


Invest in a Quality Strapless Bra

A quality strapless, neutral colour bra is one way to easily pull off the wearing of an off-the-shoulder top without any uproar. It is therefore advisable that you wear a white or black strapless would also be nice, but you might be limited in terms of what you can wear it under.


Wear Your Hair Back

If you’re going to wear an off the shoulder top or dress, you should pull your hair back. The benefit of the off shoulder dresses is the fact that they show off your neck, chest, and shoulders. So, wearing your hair back can provide a bit of cover especially if you do not want to show too much skin.


Add Statement Earrings

Your off-the-shoulder-top can be complemented by wearing long, dangling earrings to set off the whole look. Long earrings draw attention to your face and upward, so your entire upper body is really the star of this look.

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Written by Prince Simeon

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