Disagreement Arises Over Akpabio’s Electoral Worth

Disagreement arises as Patrick Ekpotu, former Akwa Ibom State Deputy Governor and Mr Akinlayo Kolawole, chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State argue over the value accruable to the APC as a result of the recent defection of Senator Godswill Akpabio from the Peoples Democratic Party.

According to Punch, Ekpotu, on Monday, stated that those who were in jubilation over Akpabio’s defection were merely overrating the former governor’s political influence.

He also said the defection of the former governor is a show of incapability to operate within an opposition platform.

This assertions were made available in a statement to the journalists.

He claimed that the former Senate Minority Leader’ s defection was as a result of his reliance on the APC which is the current custodian of state apparatus.

“Akpabio’s recourse is often to rely heavily on apparatus of state security to cow people into submission and dominion.

“His decision to embrace the APC now, among others, is because the APC is today the custodian of that state apparatus”

“A journey into that past rather evokes disdain and repugnance following its glaring shortcomings to which the people had long answered objections and cannot allow a replay, no matter where Akpabio derived his inspiration.

“I see, not just the PDP in the State, but also the majority of its citizens playing this out strongly , stoutly, and committedly in days ahead”. Ekpotu said.

In dismissal of arising comparison between Akpabio and Senate President , Bukola Saraki ’ defections, as misplaced, the former deputy governor argued that, “in Saraki’s Kwara , his ancestors may have left behind many distinctions to give him a dominating hold on that State and their people cherish it .

“Unfortunately, it is not so in Akwa Ibom where no such commensurate wand is inspired, be it in depth, attainments, legacies and fairness.”

Kolawole said the recent gale of defections from the APC would not stand as a hindrance to President Muhammadu Buhari reelection for a second term in 2019.

He argued that Buhari’s fate would be decided by the Nigerian electorate not the politicians who left the party in droves.

He said, “The whole world, with the exemption of the gullible ones, know that the trio of Saraki , Kwankwaso and Governor Tambuwal are desperate to be President of this nation . But it was sad that they had refused to learn from history that no desperado had ever ruled Nigeria as a President.

“Former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo, Umaru Musa Yar ’ Adua and Goodluck Jonathan got to the seat through divine intervention at different times . Even President Buhari contested three times for the exalted position but lost out. He only won in 2015 after he was persuaded by Nigerians to lead them to the Promised Land, when it was obvious that the PDP had ruined the country.

“Far from the foregoing, Nigerians are desirous of having a President that has the passion to confront poverty, corruption and insurgency and only President Buhari has these antecedents among the contending forces for the race , not even Saraki or any other person has such records in his political career.”

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Written by Prince Simeon

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