Are Comedians the Best Masters of Ceremonies? Veteran Event Compere, Joyce Daniels Disagrees!

These days, when the services of a Masters of Ceremonies [MC] is required by event organisers, first on their list is a comedian. Weddings are not an exception to this trend, as the couple wants a double package; an MC and a Comedian to maximise the money paid! Well, there is nothing bad in that, but most times just being a comedian who knows how to crack up ribs with great humour isn’t a guarantee to be a good compere or Masters of Ceremony at a wedding reception.

This is the sentiment shared by Joyce Daniels, a veteran female Master of Ceremony and Trainer, who expressed this thought in an Instagram post where she gives her reasons.

Read the post below:

Recently, my intern attended a wedding where a quarrel broke out between a guest and the comedian MC. The quarrel ensued because the MC, in the process of cracking jokes made snide remarks at the lady and her make up. The lady felt embarrassed, and instead of a proper apology, the MC replied insensitively saying “it is a joke na”. Someone reading this must have experienced similar. 🙋🏽

In the quest of making guests enjoy their stay at events, some hosts have naively employed untrained comedians in the place of a professional Masters of Ceremonies to anchor/host their events. Today, a typical Nigerian wedding ceremony has become “a day of thousand laughs”. This act on several occasions has completely eliminated the supposed etiquette, protocol or what we call the dos and the don’ts of a professional MC. This menace has reduced events and ceremonies to a setting where people come in, laugh at jokes – sometimes half-heartedly or laced with irritation, eat and depart. They go home not knowing either the full name of the host, the special guests or worse still, the objective of the event. There’s a difference between a professional MC and a comedian playing the role of an MC.

A professional MC carries out client and event analysis – their expectations, concerns, personal or organisational objectives, peeves and proclivities.

The MC also carries out audience survey and expectation survey.This involves considering the age, sex, religion, educational background, competence and biases of the expected guests.

Someone may say, all these for the MC? Yes please, we are not called MASTER for nought.

Please understand me, 🤷🏼‍♀️🙏🏼the comedian has his role, a significant role in the uplifting of people’s moods and spirits, when APPROPRIATE material is used, not insults, derogatory comments and bias-sensitive jokes.

If you insist on getting a comedian (especially one that is not trained as an MC) allot time on the programme of events for stand-up comedy and leave it at that.

This way, they have a professional MC on duty and get high on laughter at the appropriate time. 👌🏽 Tag a friend (or comedian 😜) who needs to see this!

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Written by Prince Simeon

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