“He Always Supports My Dreams” – Pamela of P’Camidos Catering Celebrates hubby on their 5th Marriage Anniversary


Funny how time flies and its already five years gone after saying exchanging marital vows. For Pamela – CEO P’Camidos Catering and her hubby, Ufuoma Akpomedaye, their union remains fresh as time goes by.

As they mark their anniversary, both took turns to express continuous love and appreciation for each other on their individual social media accounts.


Ufuoma said:

“5 years and my love for this woman triples every time. She gave me two beautiful daughters. She gives me a home to go back to everyday. My bed is warm. My heart swells with pride at what she has achieved. I’m glad that friends take cues from my marriage. My friend. My partner. My love. My heart”

Happy Anniversary baby



Pamela shared this:

“You always crack me up, my personal Akpos. Cheers to 5years darling and 50 more. He’s Awesome, very patient. Though he’s an introvert he lets me be my extroverted self. He always supports my dreams. He’s caring, loving and a great Dad”


What has kept us together is God and our friendship. There’s no issue we can’t talk about and see each other’s point. We were friends first before every other thing…Just being there for each other no matter what…Ups, downs, sickness and health, she added.


Pamela went further to advice women intending marriage; “Mistakes I feel some women make is marrying for marrying sake. Because people say it’s time to marry or they feel time is not on their side. Take your time and marry your friend, someone that understands you, your craze and loves you anyway”.


Happy Anniversary Pamela & Ufuoma Akpomedaye!


Photo Credit: Orbit Studios


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