A Divine Dawn: Philip Asuquotes Congratulates Governor Udom Emmanuel


One of Africa’s finest media expert and fast-rising strategist, Philip Asuquotes is among the many congratulating governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State on his reflection for a second term in office. Below is the congratulations message.
Your Excellency,
Deac. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel
I dully congratulate you over your victory at the polls. Indeed, I have seen real joy and rejoicing in so many hearts and on so many lips as you get re-elected into office.
I remember putting up a post about your good chances at the polls. I was reached out by a few persons that said I shouldn’t have said God said you’d win. Some were ready to mock me over it because they thought you’d lose.
I remember waking up that morning and hearing clearly that you’d win the elections. I also remember hearing that Buhari would lose and that those who rig him back into office would suffer generational curses. Are we all not aware of the palpable depression that engulfed most parts of the nation when Buhari was announced winner? Yesterday, I was with a lady that said she and her family have been marked safe from the curses that will follow those who rigged the election because she said she knew it’d occur. She wasn’t aware that I had put up such a post and I was glad she confirmed what I heard to me.
For your case, God made it clear that you had been reconciled with Him and that you’d get another chance to bring real leadership to Akwa Ibom people.
Your Excellency, now is the time to truly liberate Akwa Ibom people and give us the quality leadership I know you are capable of because whom God bestows the rein of power to, He equips for the job at hand.
Of course I know you know that you got this victory from God and God alone. The people love you, you need to reciprocate that love and do all you can to better lives, sustain smiles and transform the state.
When the court upheld your victory for your first tenure back in 2015, I was ecstatic. I drove through roads in Uyo with my friends and business partner screaming for your victory. Yesterday, when I saw the results filtering in, I beamed with gladness and I met a couple of persons that were too glad to hear the news that you’d win the polls.
Your Excellency, Akwa Ibom people believe in you. Do not ever let them down. I repeat, DO NOT EVER LET THEM DOWN. Listen to the cries and concerns of your people and resolve the issues they cry about. Your government should make a mark that will entrench your legacy in the lives and hearts of Akwa Ibom people and indeed others.
You are a peaceful man. You are a good man. You are just the man this state needs right now and at this point in our history as a people. Rid yourself of distractions. Reshuffle your cabinet if you have to. Do all you can to make this state better and get better each and every day in the four years you have.
For the likes of Iniememobong and Aniekeme Finbarr, I salute their loyalty to you and their commitment to people-centric efforts. I believe Mr. Iniememobong has a lot to do for the state beyond his current position in your party. I also believe Mr. Finbarr deserves commendations along with others who stood by you unwaveringly.
For every Akwa Ibom son or daughter that supported other parties, I pray you extend good governance to them. Your leadership should not be selective but rather inclusive and for the good of the state.
I use this medium to appeal to you to sort out promotion/arrears for workers in the state and to take the welfare of the people of this state as a very important concern.
I also use this to say you should embark on projects and schemes that will directly impact on the private sector and on young entrepreneurs in the state. The government has the capacity to raise transforming agents via businesses, tech etc. Take advantage of your position as the governor to position the state for tangible progress.
Once again, congratulations, Your Excellency. Your victory is a triumph from God. Your tenure should and will carry a mark of God in it because it is glaring, you won because of Him and only Him.
It’s a new dawn of divinity.
In this dawn, you shall not serve the interest of a political god father but rather the divine interest of God the Father…
You shall not make just a political few get enriched but rather you’d better the lives of the majority that prayed and voted for you…
In this dawn, do not appoint people based on political sentiments but rather on grounds of competence and a desire to see others prosper through the work in their hands…
You have my support, prayers and yes, you’d get my constructive criticisms if you step out of your divine mandate. I long to see you succeed!
I remember people asking me what if you do not do differently, I told them we are here to ensure we speak up against any move you make or do not make that might disappoint the people. I also urged them to pray for leaders as charged by God. What you do with this mandate will seal the fate of your party subsequently in elections after now.
Again, I long to see you succeed!
Arise Akwa Ibom State
It is a dawn!
Long prosperous live, Akwa Ibom State
Long divine live, Gov. Udom Emmanuel

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Written by Prince Simeon

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  1. A victory worthy of celebrating.
    Thanks, Philip Asuquo.

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