7 Important Things You Must Have To Beat The Rainy Season.

Raine Drenched black woman

The rain is already here again with the months known for heavy downpour around the corner and many-a-people already have the disadvantages of this season to tell.

The recent climatic changes even make it harder for one to predict the rain properly these days but I can assure you that it’s another lovely season you can enjoy without any hassle.

Hate it or love it, we cannot avoid the rain. We all have places to go, things to attend to and stuff like a neat hairdo, nice clothing, documents/papers or a laptop to keep dry.

You don’t need to be out of fashion, you don’t have to cancel plans or not go to work because of the rain. Below are 7 important things you need to beat the rainy season.

  1. Umbrella

You may not necessarily have or carry around a raincoat or rain boot but you need an umbrella, preferably a collapsible yet fashionable one so it could fit in your bag to keep your style and shield you once it begins to pour.

  1. Rubber Shoes or Sturdy Flip-Flops

These aren’t the most fashionable of shoes but as far as water is involved – it’s reliable. You can change out of them when you arrive at your final destination.

  1. Dry Bags or Water Proof Bags

You need to shield stuff that water must not touch like extra clothing, laptop, papers and things of the like.

  1. Water Proof Bonnet and Caps

For the ladies (and everyone with hair), always keep a hair bonnet or water proof cap handy to cover your hair from rain.

  1. Power Bank

Rain could get you stuck and keep you from moving for something or to somewhere important. With the crazy battery life of most smart phones, you should have a power-bank with you. You may need to inform anyone you’re meeting with that you will be late or kill boredom by listening to music or checking up social media.

  1. Vitamin Supplements

Take vitamins to ensure optimum health even through this dreaded season. Vitamin C fights flu while vitamin D is good for light skin as the sun steps back for some time in this season.

  1. Lots of Patience

YES! It’s the rainy season. You need patience – lots of it because a 15-minute journey may take 2 hours (just saying) else you will go crazy over all the craziness of our public transport system.


– An emergency drying tool like a hand dryer is necessary to own at home.

– A flask for hot food/snacks and drinks can be very useful.

– Raincoats and boots are “must-haves” for every home.

– PUH-LEASE! Don’t wear light transparent fabrics when you don’t have a raincoat, umbrella or jacket with you. If you get drenched … (you know that look where the under wears are screaming “Yes It’s Me!”)

So readers, go about this season fortified and you’ll find that you can enjoy yourself even in the rain as it should be.


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