5 Things that Happen at Wedding Reception Venues in Nigeria

A scene from the popular Nollywood movie, Wedding Party.

Despite the groove going down at the wedding party venue, there are lots of things that happen behind the scene/go unnoticed or barely comes in public glare until the event comes to a conclusion. Here are a few that usually take place during weddings.


Struggle for Food and Souvenirs: Sluggish ushers are to blame for this at Nigerian weddings! After waiting to be served for some long minutes as the ushers and food vendors are not getting the food and souvenirs to go round, some impatient guests start hustling by themselves, taking up the role of ushers to serve their own friends and family.


Theft: This is usually depressing! You come left home to come celebrate with a friend, brother, sister or colleague, but at the end of the day you leave sad or even in tears. Wedding guest lose their phones, hand bags, cars and even kids to unsuspecting persons who also attended as a guest in disguise.


Crashers (performing artiste): In search of platforms and opportunities to perform, music artiste, comedians and even dancers crash wedding with their spur of the moment performance. They mount pressure on the Master of Ceremony for a chance to showcase. Finally, the opportunity shows up, but they don’t live up to expectation nor to their bragging about what they had to offer, leaving guest to sigh, hiss or even mock them with jeers or claps to signal their displeasure.


Poorly prepared Chairman of Occasion: And that moment comes when the Master of Ceremony introduces the Chairman of the occasion. Usually we know chairmen are seen or expected to be some esteemed personality or character, but it gets so disappointing when he gets off the line by taking on the role of a preacher and volunteer marriage counsellor.


Boring Compere: In a bid to sound funny to make the guest laugh, lots of compere end up getting the guest bored with unwarranted and overplayed jokes, feigning a good sense of humour. It’s definitely okay not to say a joke, it’s not a rule! Rather just follow the order of event, but be flexible in other not to seem too uptight like a funeral service.

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