Why Radio Presenters Won’t Play Some Songs by Music Talents

Photo: Sesan Adeniji (Instagram)

by Utibeima Ubom 

We all know that radio is one of the major means of communication and especially in a country like Nigeria where there is power shortage thereby limiting access to visuals, most people often opt in to their cell phones , radio sets, car stereos etc. to stay updated, informed and entertained  .

Artistes in the same vein, also want their music to be the heard in order to increase their fan base and promote their talent. On the other hand, on air presenters (OAP’s) can help make this happen but why are they reluctant in playing that your song during their programs?

Below are some reasons:


Lack of Quality Content

Your song may have a nice rhythm and otherwise but lacks quality content to be broadcast to a wider audience. This is one major reason OAP’s listen to a song and deem it unfit to be played during their radio session.


Your Song Doesn’t Match Their Type Of Program

Take for instance Presenter A hosts a politically influenced show in the morning, you won’t expect Presenter A to play Tekno’s “Yawa” rather Presenter A would prefer to play Tekno’s “Rara” during the show because the song is more centred on a political story which will keep the listeners in the mood ruing the show.


Your Song Contains Explicit Lyrics

Many artiste fail in this regard! Due to NBC (Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation) regulating most radio stations in Nigeria, rules have been set aside to guide the kind of songs being played on air. That’s why songs that contains words such as f**k, b****h,  s***t etc are censored before being played. If those words are used in excess, it will rule out your song from getting airplay.


With these being said, have a healthy relationship with OAP’s, Dj’s and even VJ’s. They are very vital to make your song buzz, your overall growth as an artiste and in your path to stardom.

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