The Business of Business: How to Craft Human-centric & Profitable Ideas!

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By Joseph Oakon

There is really nothing magical about creating or crafting ideas. However, there’s a lot required to craft human-centred ideas that can post profitable returns.

Many a time, crafting a winning idea is made to seem like rocket science.  But it sure isn’t.

Every great idea is a response to specific CULTURAL problems. This exactly is the reason some ideas scale and sustain in some cultures and never in others.

However, there are idea solutions that solve cultural problems that are universal.

Doing this is an art, a deliberate art.

Why do we ever bother to get involved in complex ventures, when all we need is something very simple enough to solve basic human problems, which can get easily accepted by those who desire it?

Even Elon Musk’s craziest ideas touch base with human needs and realities.

I find it very interesting to know that the simplest of ideas have grown into brands like Iroko Tv, BudgIT, Linda Ikeji’s blog, Accounting Hub, SmartCamp Business Community, Facebook, Google, YouTube & Über and a whole lot more.

What do these brands have in common?

It is easy to state without formulating a hypothesis, writing a thesis, or even a white paper.

They all solve HUMAN PROBLEMS that are integral to hassle-free living, both in life and business.

These include, but are not limited to: the need to be informed, educated and be in the know, the need to connect, need for convenience, the need to be entertained, the need to be a part of a warm, progressive community, and be accepted.

Human problems come in a spectrum with different shades. The goal to satisfy human needs requires methods that are different in shades. Where there are more heartaches, there are likely found the greatest springboard of winning and profitable ideas.


Research & Relate:

An extensive study of the five-tier levels of Maslow’ Hierarchy of Needs captures the levels of human needs as well as the market sizes that each affords. If well analysed, you can use details on Marslow’s hierarchy to focus on creating well-though out idea solutions.

  1. Physiological Need
  2. Safety Needs
  3. Love/Belonging Needs
  4. Esteem Needs
  5. Self-Actualization Needs

The biggest market sizes are captured according the order above. Each need level in most cases, build on the success of the former.


Understand & Utilize Trends:

Understanding shifts in human behaviour and consumption patterns is key in crafting winning ideas. The Understanding of trends unlock opportunities.

I always visit Google Trends Nigeria to understand what Nigerians are following. These trends leave me with a great deal of the number of Nigerians searching a topic, where they are searching from, and many other statistics that are not in plain sight.

In the last few days, here’s what Nigerians from across Nigeria have been following:

  1. Man City
  2. Big Brother Nigeria
  3. WWE Fastlane 2018 Results
  4. Arsenal vs Watford
  5. Mother’s Day 2018
  6. Tottenham
  7. Zodwa Wabantu


Some people are cashing out on these trends. For instance, the highest search in Google Nigeria about Man City is from Ogun State and followed by Lagos State and FCT. Nothing less than 23 sub-regions across Nigeria are also following this trend.

Now here’s the idea. Do you think people just follow these games for the love of the game? There are people who follow this for football betting and other related businesses.

There are people who want to forecast the outcomes of such matches so that they can win the highest odds.

Do you know that there are people who have built businesses around these trends?Ideas are not rocket science. Winning and profitable ideas follow processes, deliberate understanding of human psychology and needs.

We will revisit this discourse in some later posts.



Joseph Oakon has an unusual knack for aiding start-up ventures through his practical start-up models. He has a wide range of experience in business and brand development. By day, he is an entrepreneur and Idea Solution Provider. And by night, he is a writer on business and select topics.

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