#StartupSouth, TBWA & Ford Foundation Partner to Host ‘Aba Hackathon Challenge’ | Click to Apply!

The initial ‘Proudly Made in Aba’ campaign organised by TBWA in 2017 brought more attention to the Aba manufacturing clusters – an expose’ of the great, innovative and resilient spirit of the traders/manufacturers. It also exposed the challenges and deficiencies as well as steps required to fully actualize the mandate of the campaign which is to inspire a revolutionary growth of the Aba manufacturing clusters through re-energized interest in their products from both within and outside Nigeria.

Proudly Made in Aba Campaign revealed that over eight hundred thousand (800,000) pairs of shoes, three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) Belts, Bags and other leather goods are manufactured every day in Aba. Also, another One Million, Five Hundred Thousand (1,500,000) Clothing items are manufactured every week in Aba. This is excluding other manufacturing activities around industries such as upholstery, metal, machine and automobile repairs and fabrication.

Some of the challenges identified range from access to market, distribution/logistic difficulties, lack of marketing/branding knowledge to lack of modern manufacturing equipment and processes to mention just a few.

To create solve the listed challenges, TBWA in partnership with #StartupSouth and funded by Ford Foundation is hosting the ‘Aba Hackathon Challenge’, an extension of the Proudly Made in Aba Campaign.

The application portal is opened for Startups and teams with great ideas on how to add value to the Aba manufacturing clusters.  The Hackathon Challenge is seeking passionate teams familiar with and knowledgeable about issues mentioned (and others not mentioned) here and building a solution that can solve any or all of the problems. To be successful, teams should be able to demonstrate their understanding of the problem, the impact of their solution to the stated problem area and the experience of their team.

Virgin ideas may apply, however, ideas with traction backed by experienced teams stand a better chance.  A shortlist of 10 teams will be pre-approved to proceed to the Hackathon camp and made to present to a panel of judges comprised of multi-disciplined seasoned business leaders.

The portal will close on February 26, 2018 with the main event scheduled for March 16, 2018.  To HERE to apply

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