A Stylist’s Twist: Ekaèbe – A Short Fashion Story at Akpanandem Market, Uyo, Nigeria.

By Andrei Esin

The market place is a physically complicated environment because like many other busy places, it is daring and always in motion – more so like a festival or carnival. Uyo has quite a lot of market places, one so sacred is the Urua Akpanandem which in its current iteration, has grown to a venue where people can buy and sell anything…well almost anything! We collaborated on this fashion story of Ekaèbe (the husband’s mother) to highlight fashion, art and the aesthetic elements of the market place with the people who buy and sell there.


Ekaèbe; from the Stylist’s Perspective

“For me, one thing I find very special about the market place is its ability to bond citizens from all works of life, of all ages, gathering up for the sole aim of buying and selling, despite its busy nature. It is a place where you can be expressive, fashionable and wordy without care. Get a job maybe, make a few friends and start a community as seen amongst the traders.

The model photographed in this is tall, bold and has an ‘ancient’ vibe. We dressed her on the spot with these garments and popped it up with some styling. There is something about each of the scenes as captured by the photographer – something really fulfilling and striking – a vibe. You can surely feel it. The model too is an interesting character and when someone has style all their own, you don’t have to do so much. You just put the garments on them and they own it”.



Photography by Kes Ajebo

Ekaèbe (Model) by Nkechi Okolie

Hair and Makeup by Eveh Ogban

Outfit: 1k Thrift Store

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