ALAT introduces Virtual Dollar Card, makes payment online with USD easy

ALAT by WEMA is Nigeria’s first fully digital bank, designed to match your lifestyle and help you save more.

ALAT has recently introduced the Virtual Dollar Card to its latest version, ALAT 2.4 according to the company blog.

According to the blog post, the Virtual Dollar Card comes only in digital form with the usual payment card features – 16-digit card number, cardholder’s name, 3-digit CVV number, expiration date – in order to enable you to use it whenever you need to pay online in dollars. This virtual card will reside on the latest version of the app, unlike the physical bank cards suited for wallets.

The most outstanding feature is the function of currency conversion, to convert Naira to US Dollar. This feature is quite easy to use, all you have to do is make a request on the app using the Virtual Dollar Card and conversion will be automatically made using current bank rate. This rules out the other strenuous process of currency conversion, dealing with bureau de change marketers and physical banks.

To access the Virtual Dollar Card, Log in to ALAT on mobile or web, Select Cards on the Main Menu. Click on ALAT Dollar Card and you’ll be redirected to a settings page where you’ll be required to create a New Card. Fill in all information to proceed.

ALAT 2.4 app is available on Google Play Store and the IOS App Store.

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