#EndSARS Online Protest: Top Entertainment Writer, Joey Akan Shares Experience

Joey Akan (Photo: Facebook)

The #EndSARS online protest has really been buzzing on social media and has also gotten some prominent Nigerians to lend their voice on the campaign.



One is the award-winning entertainment writer and music critique at Pulse Nigeria, Joey Akan shared his experience while in his hometown, Uyo for a TedX event. Read his post on Facebook below:


In Akwa Ibom, SARS blocked me in Uyo, pointed guns at me, on my way to give a TEDX speech.

Crime was that I was driving an SUV, with my elder brother, so I did Yahoo.

I simply went all ‘I’m a journalist on them.’ Waved my ID card and sounded important.

What would have happened if I wasn’t a journalist? Or God wasn’t involved? Or my elder brother was alone in the car?

It wouldn’t have ended well.


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