Desire Umoh: Unemployment, the Global Monster


Unemployment is the lack of job for people who are qualified and willing to work but are unable to get work because there are no jobs.

The issue of unemployment is a global menace. In developed countries, unemployment still constitutes a vast majority of problems to be tackled. It is a global phenomenon which affects a number of places and people all over the world today. It does not only affect individuals but also the financial and economic condition of a whole country.

Unemployment can be as a result of Global and economic crises which exist, increasingly specialized jobs, companies hiring only a few hands on a job, people voluntarily choosing to remain unemployed, etc. This could affect the economy of the country negatively and of cause depression, degradation and distress in people and families. It can also cause increase in crime rate.

To cure this menace or at least reduce it, the government should either cut taxes or increase spending to stimulate the economy. The Agriculture sector should also consider a reformation as a curative measure to improve the country’s economy.

Agriculture is the country’s second largest employer of labour. The agro allied value chain can become the avenue for creating more jobs. The government can also disburse money to micro finance banks for lending to market women and petty traders to stimulate economic growth. The corporate societies will act as a guarantor for members to ensure borrowers repay the loans.

This will help many poor people become self- reliant as they in turn will create jobs to reduce unemployment.

Let us join efforts as citizens to create jobs and also provide jobs for unemployed people, mostly the youth so we can sleep at night with our eyes closed.


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Written by Prince Simeon

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