Church makes demands before Joining any Couple in Holy Matrimony. Checkout Outrageous List

It is a basic requirement for families of the bride to make certain demands from the prospective or intending groom as part of the marital rites before taking their daughter home. This varies from culture to ethnics groups across the world.

This culture has been adopted by certain ‘churches’ before accepting to join any couple in holy matrimony in their different places of worship and has sometimes become an additional burden for people who may have a limited funds for their wedding ceremony.

Here is a ‘Marriage List’ from ‘True Vine Power house Ministry Inc’ that surfaced on Social Media.



1. Officiating Minister – N10,000

2. Host Pastor – N10,000

3. Instrumentalists – N6,000

4. Couples Fee – N15,000

5. Marriage Certificate – N10,000

6. Fuel – N5,000

7. Lateness to Church – N5,000

8. Ministers food -10 food flask with one small Five Alive and one Maltina each

9. Host Pastor  food – 2 food flask, 2 Eva Water, 2 big Five Alive and 2 can of Maltina Each.

10. Food for church workers – 50 takeaways or one cooler of rice. 2/Half crate of can Maltina

11. Suits for Host Pastor and Wife

12. All couples should be in church by 9am

13. All wedding program must be in church one week before the wedding

14. Couples to see Host Pastor for their thanksgiving.

15. Couples thanksgiving should not be more than one week after wedding.

Notice: All money should be paid latest three weeks to the marriage.



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