On A Mission! Read the Excerpt from Pat Akpabio’s Soon-to-Published Book; “Why do Women Cheat?”

Pat Akpabio Why do Women Cheat
Princess Pat Akpabio

Gospel artiste and entrepreneur, Princess Pat Akpabio for some time now has been making a case for married couples who cheat through her social media accounts. This is ahead of her soon-to-be released book which she titles ‘Why do Women Cheat’.  The book hopes to address issues in marriage which include infidelity, single parenting, and abuse amongst others.

Here below is an excerpt from this material which she shared on her Facebook page:

“The rate of single parents in Nigeria and Africa as a whole will raise tremendously in the next few years.” Men and women need to realize that this infidelity and abusiveness in relationship is a serious matter and will give rise to a lot of divorces which will result in single parenting family.

The way that Nigeria and Africa is structured and the way we are structured culturally, we don’t have what it takes to raise children in a single family house hold yet because we understand that the man is the bread winner and the provider and the wife is just a support; I am also taking into conservation that many women are working and trying to be independent as well today.

The African society are made to believe that a family structure without both parents, the child will not turn out right. My question is, what about those children who are controlling empires today whom the father died and left the mother to be the provider and care giver to these children?”

What about the one that the mother wasn’t taking care of the children and she cheated, was abusing and callous to the husband and the husband took away the children and they turned out great citizens of the society?”

How about the one that the wife left with the children because she got tired of being cheated on and abused, disregarded and insulted and not loved?

This Epidemic of infidelity and Abuse in Africa needs to be addressed to avoid single parenting families which is growing in an alarming rate today. I am made to conclude, that those children who turned out right in a single parent house hold, do not fit into the statistics of the African believe that if both parents are not together the children won’t turn out right.  The designer of all our destinies is only one person, GOD. I am Evang Patience A On a mission called “CHANGING MINDS CHANGING ATTITUDES.”

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