#WorldRadioDay2017: Raphael Edem is Nostalgic about his Favourite Radio Shows & Presenters

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The radio isn’t a favourite media platform for many these days, how much more influencing their career path. All thanks to the advent of the tech age which brought about the widespread use of the smart phones, nay social media. For those who know the role of the radio as far back their

teenage days, they can’t help but feel nostalgic, looking at the impact that arm of the broadcast media has helped shaped them into.

In his prose shared on his Facebook account to join millions to mark the 2017 ‘World Radio Day’ one of Nigeria’s finest compere extraordinaire, Raphael Edem makes a roll call of his favourite presenters on radio and their different programmes, showing no regret for his family not owning a television set, but a radio.

Read below:

Growing up, we weren’t lucky to have a television set at home so I lived on a staple of radio, radio and more radio. A certain Boma Erekosima of Radio Rivers 2 captivated me to no end. So did Ubong Ndah, Eddy Ekpenyong, Archibong Ekpenyong, Nse Ekwere, Itoro Lawrence, Billy Bassey Ekot, Michael Bush, Ekanem Ema, Margaret Essiet, Imaobong Udoh, William Williams, Ikemesit Smith, Aniekpong Usenudo, Akanubong Uko, the immensely gifted Aniekpeno Mkpanang , Emmanuel Adie of CRBC and a host of others. Radio was about the most authoritative source of information and provided enough education, information and entertainment.

Programmes like Curtains Up, Ital Dubs, Comedy Train, Medley Showcase, Sports Arena, Something to Remember, Ibom Express, Sibaba Sibaba, That’s Life enjoyed massive listenership and the presenters were literally worshipped by us listeners. I listened to enough of BBC and the Voice of America to become hooked on names like Sonny Young, Nnamdi ‘Hollywood’ Moweta, Paul Bakibinga, Audrey Brown, Sola Odunfa, Akwesi Sarpong, and my radio idol, the late Koomla Dumor.

I agree with Borono Bassey that much of what we call radio nowadays leaves a sour taste in the mouth, but on this world radio day, I pay tribute to these shining stars of radio who contributed in no small way to shaping my global outlook. Some of them have passed on, but their names will remain permanently etched in my memory. I also celebrate those who are holding their own in the radio game nowadays. May their lights never dim. #worldradioday2017.

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