With “Pray for Uyo,” Sagas Ended 2016 on High Notes



Having recently dropped the single “Nditor boys,”featuring Ikpa Udoh which garnered heavy airplay rotations on radio, the rapper cum singer who is known for his popular phrase “Eyen Obong Owo” which means “Son of a King”, was quick and sensitive to hit the studio to record an empathizing song to remind people that we were not better than those that lost their lives in the Reigner’s Bible Church building collapse in Uyo.

Pray for Uyo; a slow and spacey puzzling rhythmic sound is introduced by a signature striking tune on the snare drum by the producer 8Notes, setting the pace for Sagas who sings the infectious hook in the local Ibibio language which helps him blend in with the first rap for the song.

However, on the second verse Sagas went emotional, lacing up his personal experience with his fans, analogising it with the tragedy to drive home the central point of empathy.

Towards the end as the melody fades out, Sagas kept on muttering words of prayer, encouragement and sympathy.

The theme of the song is a narrative orchestrated as solace for all the people and Government of Akwa Ibom State, who directly and indirectly lost loved ones in the tragedy that occurred.

This song is made up of comforting lyrics, great sound and above all good music as Sagas ends the year emotionally, but on a ‘High Note’

Artist: Sagas

Song title: Pray for Uyo

Producer: 8Notes


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Written by kealdy Iboko

Kealdy Iboko, a budding writer, music critic, DeheadsUp Podcast Producer and believer of Christ. Contact: kealdy001@gmail.com, sms +2348112083988


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