New School Era: 7 Biggest Songs to Come out of Akwa Ibom


For many, the Akwa Ibom music industry has been lagging behind and this has caused a migration of promising budding acts to other major cities in Nigeria. Despite this, there have been moments that it has drawn the attention of many to the State through

its talented artistes who have released rave making songs, which have been embraced even beyond the shores of Nigeria.

Yes, there have been songs that rocked side-by-side with those released even by A-list artistes from other parts of the country. They were songs listeners would demand to be played on repeat because of they couldn’t get enough. From the beat to catchy hooks and well-delivered lyrics, catching the attention of all, irrespective of age and social standing.

In no particular order, here are the 7 biggest songs from the new generation or referred to as ‘New School Era’ acts artistes to come out of Akwa Ibom from 2011 till date. The songs are based on mass appeal, air play rotation and relevance.


Mish – ‘Akwa Ibom Ayaiya’

mish-akwa-ibom-ayaiya-hypestationngAlthough Mish had released a couple of singles, including an album – “Replay” of 2012, but his ‘Akwa Ibom Ayaiya’ was a breakthrough hit. The song came at the same time governor Godswill Akpabio was embarking on his Uncommon Transformation agenda of the state.

‘Akwa Ibom Ayaiya’ practically became an Akwa Ibom anthem of some sort, creating a slogan out of the title as a new identity for the place. It got massive air play, played at every bar and made it into every Alaba compilation mix in and outside the state.

Produced by Bard Bishop.





Jamzi Kul – Nek Etighi

jamzi-kul-nek-etighi-artThis was another monster hit released in 2011, specifically on the 23rd of September. It quickly spread like wild fire, especially when the Etighi dance was buzzing, as it was basically tiled after it. The song really helped to push the Etighi dance as a brand, which reigned even in non-Akwa Ibom dominated areas which include Lagos and Port-Harcourt. ‘Nek Etighi’ was the party rocker as everyone would scramble to show off their own style of the dance.

Produced by Ifex Beatz







Ikpa Udo – Ame Nwod

ikpa-udo-ame-nwod-hypestationng-jpg An Ibibio rap song never got so banged, well sang along to and spinning many heads like Ikpa Udo’s ‘Ame Nwod’. From the beat to the lyrics, plus punchlines, they were all on point.

The 2012 released ‘Ame Nwod’ won Ikpa Udo the hearts of many, thereby increasing his fan base which cut across the young and old, male and female.

This catapulted him to be named the ‘Ibibio rap prince’. The song is still remains a banger anytime, any day!

Produced by Otyno







Leki – Advice 101

leki-advice-101-hypestationng-jpgOne amazing thing about this particular song, is that it reflected the true emotions of the artiste – Leki at the time he wrote and recorded it.

‘Advice 101’ is a true-life story and a song every young person getting into Tertiary institution should listen to, because its indeed an advice they really need.

Though Leki didn’t have a physical image to back the song which was Leki’s debut piece, ‘Advice 101’ reached almost every Nigerian tertiary institution and beyond.

Produced by Otyno






Otyno – Take Over

otyno-take-over-hypestationng-jpgOver time, history has shown that very few music producers can create good beats and also deliver excellent lines on them as an artiste at the same time. The likes of Timbaland, Dr.Dre, late OJB Jezreel, Don Jazzy and Cobhams to mention but a few have proven this.

Young vibrant Otyno a.k.a beat of tha South falls into this category of the later mentioned. He doesn’t take the back seat anytime he handles the microphone, as his ‘Take Over’ single made an impressive outing across radio stations, clubs and pubs across Nigeria. This brought him under the spotlight as several other music artistes in Nigeria hustled to sign him up as their in-house producer.

Produced by Otyno








Sagas – Sosongho

sagas-ft-david-whyte-sax-sosongho-hypestationng-jpgLaced with an Afrobeat tune and accompanied by the saxophone played by David Whyte-Sax, Sagas conceptualizes a sound which will remain evergreen in the ears of good music lovers.

Sosongho, an Ibibio word for ‘thank you’ or ‘appreciation’ is a thanksgiving song by the bald-headed rapper cum singer from the Grand Empire Entertainment Stables, as he reminds us of being thankful for God’s grace in our lives and anticipation of better things ahead.

Released in 2015, it remains a feel-good song that rocks any moment you find yourself or possibly could be an upliftment when one has a bad mood.

Produced by Otyno




Illest – ‘Suppose to Know’

illest-suppose-to-know-hypestationngThe former member of the rap group, UY-Confidential who went solo dropped “Suppose to know” in 2012. A banging pop/makossa tune that rocked the airwaves and streets. No party was complete without the Dj spinning this record.

It had a massive appeal and crossed over to other parts of the country and beyond. A record worthy of mention.

Produced by Otyno


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