Ace Compere, Raphael Edem to create Mentorship Programme for Aspiring Mcees

Raphael Edem -Hypestationng

One of the surest ways of empowering people and getting them to succeed is by providing them with knowledge from

experiences by experts in any field of endeavour.

Sports analyst cum event compere and official Akwa Ibom State master of ceremony, Raphael Edem is making plans support young people who have interest in taking up the microphone job as a career with mentorship programme.

He took to his Facebook account to share the following heartwarming message below.

Quite a number of persons have approached me to work for me, or for me to mentor them, or teach them to be comperes and masters of ceremonies. I really wish this were possible but the nature of my present official engagements makes it difficult for that to happen the way they would prefer. Also, of the many people who want me to take them under my wing, how many would I be able to take?

After giving this some thought, I have decided to provide a platform for interaction, mentoring and transfer of knowledge between young comperes in Akwa Ibom State. This way, some of those who have been in the business for a long while will have an opportunity to meet minds with the younger and upcoming Mcees, and also share their knowledge and experience. This way, I’m sure quite a number of young people who are interested in being Mcees will have a forum to interact, learn and be mentored. It will also give me an opportunity to share some of the knowledge I have garnered over the past 12 years. This will hopefully attract some, if not all of the people who have wanted to work with and for me, and they will get the benefit of the experience garnered not just by me, but by other professionals in the business. Those who are interested should kindly indicate as such by sending a message of intent to my inbox. We will proceed from there.

Thank You friends.

So now you be sure of some proper guidance if you have chosen the career path of becoming an event compere.  Simply go on Facebook and search for Raphael Edem and send him a message to his inbox.  We wish you all the best!

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