Discussing Youth Issues! Introducing the Youth Alive Foundation ‘Youth Half Hour’ Podcast.


Youths are indispensable ingredients of today’s democracy as they represent at least two thirds of the votes. The voice of the youths is the

mandate political office holders enjoy at all levels of government. Days are gone when young people are only recruited during election to create violence and terrorize those opposing their pay masters. Youths are now the engine and again drivers of our democracy as they determine the tune and dimensions of the political space.

Youths have great perspectives and ideas. By allowing them to voice their opinion we could be opening and moving the political world forward. This is not only good, but necessary for society. If our youth don’t engage in politics and governance, even if it is through pressure groups, there would be many issues with our political and governance establishments in trying to keep policy fair and sustainable for future generations.

When it comes to governance, the key thing to note is active participation.

Youth HQ is a youth focused radio civic enlightenment program aimed at enlightening young people in on civic participation, democratic principles, and active citizenship in order to awaken them to their civic responsibility. Youth HQ is aimed at creating a public space for conversations around youth development issues and the #10Percent4Youths campaign which seeks increased investment in young people.

The show airs live every Tuesday on Planet 101.1 FM, Uyo to youths that would want to be heard live on air. It is anchored by a beautiful team of young volunteers.

So if you ever missed any edition of the show on radio, here we bring it to you in podcast.

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