How to Look Pretty and Well Groomed Without Makeup (for Guys and Girls)


Either because you’re not allowed to wear makeup for being too young, or simply because you don’t want to wear makeup, this article is going to teach girls how to look really attractive without needing to wear makeup, and also made for boys that wonder how male movie stars can look so good (even though many of them do wear makeup), but don’t want to worry about using makeup to achieve the cool and polished look.

1. Sleep well and drink lots of water. This is an overused tip, but very true and could not be missed. Whenever you go sleep earlier and have a good night of comfortable sleep, you wake up with minimal to no under eye darkness or bags at all. Drinking water also keeps skin hydrated and gives your face a healthier and clear look. Just try drinking two glasses of water at morning, two at afternoon and two at evening. It’s a good way to start getting used to drinking lots of water daily.

2. Have great hygiene habits. Wash your face at least three times a day, but pay attention to the way you wash your face. Most people think that quickly rubbing soap against the face, rinsing it off and rubbing the towel on skin is enough, but they’re wrong. You need the technique to master perfect cleansing routine. The key is to massage your wet face with soap until your whole face is covered by the foam. Massage in circular motions, so the soap deeply cleanses your pores. Then, rinse off the water and pat-dry your skin with the towel, so it dries your skin and keeps it clear and healthy, instead irritating it and causing darker spots or scars like rubbing the towel does.

3. Perfect your eyebrows. Eyebrows frame your eyes and can make or break them, as well as your whole face. That’s not only a girl thing, it’s for both boys and girls. Don’t over-pluck them or you might look weird, but do clear them up with tweezers. Pluck the hairs between the brows and pluck the hairs that create shadows around the main brow area. Groom it by wetting your brows a bit with water, then brushing the hairs upwards with a wet brow brush, and then outwards. Dry the surroundings of your brows with the tip of your fingers and there you have perfectly-groomed brows. For boys that don’t have a brow brush, you can use the toothbrush trick. You may want to buy one separated toothbrush to use as your personal brow brush. There are several beauty tricks for when you lack a tool, so why not use this little hack?

4. The always effective talcum/baby powder trick. If you tend to have oily skin, a great trick that frees you from having to go for makeup is wearing talcum/baby powder. You can either use a large powder brush or a small cloth for it. If you use a powder brush, apply a small bit of baby powder on it, tap off the excess and gently apply on your T-zone and around your eyes. If you’re using a cloth, just apply a bit of baby powder on it, gently tap off the excess and dot on your T-zone and around your eyes, then pat all over to blend. It makes your skin look smoother and absorbs oil, and it’s a natural option to makeup.

5. Take care of your lips. Having healthy-looking lips makes you look more attractive. Massage your lips with soap to make them very clean, exfoliate them with your toothbrush and use chapstick or other lip balms to give them a moisturised look. Boys can wear it too!

6. Treat your hair. See what’s in style for hair trends for boys and girls. Get your hair a cut that fits well your personality, your face shape and your hair type. Also, deep condition it every once in a while, use leave-in conditioners or pomades to style and, if you want to color it, choose a flattering hue. Hair helps frame your face, and will make you look even more attractive.

7. Take care of your body. Eat healthy food and don’t eat too large portions in your meals. If you are overweight, try cutting your meal portions in half. Also, exercise daily. You can start with a few repetitions of an specific exercise and start doing more everyday until you reach a fitter body. Exercising makes you feel better, more active and way more attractive.

8. Dress well. Read on magazines and internet about what type of clothes are in style, check your favorite stars and see what type of pieces they’re wearing. You can buy a really cool shirt and jeans for low price and make them look as good as a designer’s piece.

9. Have good posture. It just makes you look more confident and, consequently, more attractive as well.


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Written by kealdy Iboko

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