6 Ways of Getting rid of acne scars.

Acne Scars

It is always upsetting to still find scars from Acne on our faces after we thought we had gotten rid of them. Most people get so unfortunate to get their faces disfigured by Acne scars. Here are 6 ways of getting rid of them

1. A simple and economical method that you can try at home. Use lemon juice to prevent acne scars. Squeeze some lemon juice in a ball, add some water and mix thoroughly. Take a cotton ball and apply this mixture on your acne and repeat this daily.

2. Apart from being used in food, olive oil is great for your skin. Take a few drops of olive oil and gently run and massage it in your skin. Do this daily. This will not only help repair damaged skin but also prevent any further scarring due to acne.

3. Another easy way to prevent acne scars is by not staying under the sun for too long. The sun can cause pigmentation of the skin, which make the acne marks more visible. So always remember to use a sunscreen lotion before you step out of the house.

4. You can also fade acne scars by applying some apple cider vinegar on them, as it contains antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Apply it directly on the scarred skin. Since it is strong on the skin, don’t forget to dilute it with some water before you apply it especially if you have sensitive skin.
5. Another homemade remedy to clear scars is by the use of baking soda, which is a natural exfoliator and aids in gently scraping the scar tissue layer by layer. Make a light paste using two parts of water and one part of baking soda. Scrub this gently on the scars for about a minute after which you can rinse it off. Make sure you avoid rubbing vigorously.
6. Apply vitamin E oil, you can extract it from a capsule and apply it on your scars before you hit the bed every day. This is an effective method to fade out spots and scars.

What to remember:

1. Drink a lot of water. Keep a track that you eat healthy because this helps in removing the toxins from your body and in turn gives you a scar-free face.

2. Never use plain lemon juice on your face because it can harm the skin. Dilute lemon juice in water or rose water and then use it on your skin.

3. Wash your face at least twice a day if not more, using fresh cold water. This prevents the clogging of pores.

4. Use a good oil control face wash to help prevent excess oil secretion which leads to acne and scars.

Photo Credit: scarremovaltruth.com